Fine New Private Eye Writer – M. Ruth Myers

Fine New Private Eye Writer

Until five months ago or so ago when he asked to interview me, I’d never heard of Max Everhart.  I predict many people will hear about him now, following publication of his first novel, Go Go Gato.

Everhart has crafted a first-rate private eye yarn in Go Go Gato. From the blonde who walks into his office to the cat in the rusted out car, he understands the genre, folding all the elements hard-boiled fans love into a modern tale about a young Cuban baseball player, greed and betrayal.


Everhart also displays well-honed writing skills. Dialogue is crisp and believable and pacing is good. There’s just the right amount of complexity to the missing baseball player’s overlooked and devoted sister and to the social activist turned college instructor.

More important – and crucial to any successful detective series – the central character, P.I. Eli Sharpe, is likable.  Among other quirks, Sharpe has a string of former fiancees, most of whom are still friends.  Happily, this is the start of a series.

The novel delivers a couple of twists near the end.  Some readers may foresee one of them.  They’re not likely to expect the other.

Baseball fans of the young star at the center of the mystery have nicknamed him “Go Go” Gato.  Fans of P.I. novels who read this are sure to say, “Go, go, Max Everhart!”

M. Ruth Myers writes the Maggie Sullivan mysteries featuring a woman P.I. in the 1930s/40s.