M. Ruth Myers (who has also written as Mary Ruth Myers) is the author of more than a twenty novels in several categories. Most recent are those in her Maggie Sullivan mystery series featuring a Depression era private eye in Dayton, Ohio.

Her novels have been translated into Italian, German, Danish and Norwegian.  They’ve also been optioned for television, condensed in Good Housekeeping and used in a college class in Japan.  She has taught at writers’ conferences across the country including the Antioch, Cape Cod and Mark Twain conferences.

Myers was born in Warrensburg, Missouri, to Martin and Mavourneen Flynn.  When she was nine she moved to Wyoming with her mother and grandmother.  While earning a Bachelor of Journalism degree at the University of Missouri J-School, she worked as a cub reporter for The Wyoming State Tribune and in the public information office of The Wyoming State Highway Department. Degree in hand, she worked as a reporter and feature writer on daily papers in Saginaw, Michigan, and Dayton, Ohio.

She and her husband are long-time Ohio residents with one grown daughter.

When not writing, reading or cooking Myers plays Irish traditional music on an Anglo concertina with more enthusiasm than talent.   She is rumored to have a serious dependency on blue corn tortilla chips.

Ruth celebrates her Shamus award at Bouchercon 2014

1. She rode horseback in the Cheyenne Frontier Days parade. (That’s in Wyoming.)

2. For five years she worked as a ventriloquist-magician.

3. She can recite the Greek alphabet before a match torn out of a matchbook burns down to her fingers.

4. If she ever faces the electric chair, her choice of last meal would be tuna casserole.

5. In her first semester in college, her English teacher told her she had absolutely no aptitude for writing. (Who knew the assigned expository essay on “The Contents of a Woman’s Purse” wasn’t supposed to be enlivened by any humor?) Shortly thereafter Ruth won the Mademoiselle magazine playwriting contest, leading to her first publication for a national market.