A.K.A – M. Ruth Myers

Women's fiction & Romance

Before starting the Maggie Sullivan series, M. Ruth Myers also wrote women's fiction and romance under the name Mary Ruth Myers. Some of those books are now being released in ebook format. Please check back from time to time for new additions.

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Amid the glitter and cut-throat rivalries of the international jewel trade, two sisters struggle for survival ... and love. A vicious act of treachery separated them in childhood. Now Cecily, a talented young appraiser of precious stones, and her emotionally fragile older sister Vanessa must each win personal battles in order to be reunited.

Cecily’s war, and her desire for revenge, lead her into the spider web spun by a ruthless and reclusive old jewelry designer. Effie Duvall has built a worldwide empire using her own descendants as bargaining chips. She arranges their marriages to guarantee her supply of flawless diamonds, pigeon-blood rubies and other baubles for the uber rich while turning a blind eye to smuggling and murder.

Vanessa’s struggle is quieter. It leads her into an unwise marriage that makes her a pawn in the hands of Cecily’s enemies.

In a world where betrayal is the norm, can either sister take a chance on happiness with the men who come into their lives? Or, as in childhood, must they depend on no one but each other?

Luxuriate in this sizzling novel of passion, violent ambition and unexpected courage.

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