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Music Helps Ohio City Face First Christmas of WWII

Imagine how hard it must have been for American families and communities to maintain any semblance of Christmas spirit in 1941. The Dec. 7 attack on Pearl Harbor had just thrust the previously divided country into World War II. Yet in Dayton, Ohio, two civic events lifted spirits as the city push determinedly on in […]

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FDR, James M. Cox both influenced 1940s Dayton, Ohio

By M. Ruth Myers Although the Maggie Sullivan mysteries are set in the 1940s, two powerful men often mentioned in them — FDR and newspaperman James M. Cox — had been close acquaintances for more than twenty years. Indeed, they formed the Democratic presidential ticket in 1920. “Governor Cox” as he was referred to in […]

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Pearl Harbor Attack Brings War to an Ohio City – Part II: Immediate Response

by M. Ruth Myers The speed with which the city of Dayton, Ohio, responded to the attack on Pearl Harbor was stunning, especially when contrasted with the slow pace of communications detailed in Part I. The extent to which the city was prepared to step onto a war footing was equally amazing. Police Within hours […]

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Pearl Harbor Attack Brings War to an Ohio City – Part I: Communications

by M. Ruth Myers   Most accounts of the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor that plunged America into World War II focus on actions at the distant naval base itself, or give passing mention to the fact that those on the home front heard the news on their radios on a Sunday afternoon. […]

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Mystery Set in Ohio Captures America’s Entry into WW2

by M. Ruth Myers Maximum Moxie, shiny new addition to the mystery series featuring the 1940s detective with great legs, Maggie Sullivan, has just landed in digital bookstores.  This fifth book in the series opens when the private eye takes on a new case days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, and provides an unusual […]

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Top Books, Movies and New Delights of 1940 America

by M. Ruth Myers Since my mystery series is set in the 1940s, I accumulate lots of research that can’t fit in the books, but is fun nonetheless.  Enjoy a little time-traveling with these snippets on books, movies and new additions to everyday life that ordinary people were enjoying in 1940. Books An official bestseller […]

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3 Women Private Eyes You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’ve run through your supply of mysteries featuring smart, competent women private eyes, here are a few more for you to try. It includes two lawyer-sleuths. I’ve never really considered such hybrids private eyes since they have another income source, but Private Eye Writers of America accepts them as P.I.’s, so it’s hard to […]

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Are You a Book Snob?

by M. Ruth Myers Are you a book snob? Oh, go on, admit it. Many years ago I had a wonderful middle-aged friend who refused to read a paperback book because they didn’t “feel right” in her hands. An avid reader, she bought her books through a book club, even through she could scarcely afford […]

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