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New Mystery Short Story Set in 1940

“A Concrete Garter Belt”, a new Maggie Sullivan short story, has joined the four novels and one other short story currently in the mystery series.   It was previously published in the Private Eye Writers of America anthology Fifty Shades of Grey Fedora, but is now available as a stand-alone. The private eye’s search for […]

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Her Engineering Speeded Work in Kitchens and Defense Plants

As you race around doing your holiday cooking, even if it’s only opening a bottle of wine for guests, take time to raise your oven mitt to the Greatest Generation woman who designed the efficient, modern kitchen we take for granted today. Her name was Lillian Gilbreth, and her many accomplishments include: Pioneer in time-and-motion […]

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Early Women Detectives & Policewomen

Occasionally – perhaps once in 150 reviews – a reader expresses doubt that a woman PI like Maggie Sullivan could have existed in the late 1930s or 40s. Admittedly they were a rare breed, but women private detectives and policewomen were around in that era and well before. The best known among them is without […]

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Crossing Gender Lines to Create a Woman Investigator

Grant McKenzie leads a double life, as a thriller writer under his own name and as author of the Dixie Flynn mysteries under the name M.C. Grant. The latter series features a young investigative journalist for an online news site who’s as tough as she is rumpled. Beauty With a Bomb, the third book in […]

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Women Clash on Eve of WW2

In the two years before the Pearl Harbor attack, Americans were divided over whether the country should get involved in the war against Hitler. Nowhere was this split more evident than among American women. In 1940 and ’41, when politics was still largely a man’s game, women who never before would have done something as […]

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Private Eye Writers & Shamus Awards Dinner

The Shamus Awards dinner, hosted by Private Eye Writers of America, is my favorite part of the annual Bouchercon world mystery convention. All those authors of P.I. fiction, from the big names to a sprinkling of newbies, crowded into one room. They’re not quite as seedy as their print creations, but they do have a […]

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Launch Party for New Mystery

Come on over to my Facebook page for a chance to win BOOKS, CHOCOLATES, and CD’s of traditional Irish music.  We’re celebrating the launch of Shamus in a Skirt, fourth book in the Maggie Sullivan series.  It’s now available from most ebook retailers. Besides periodic prize drawings, there also are assorted videos of Irish music […]

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