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Should You Attend a Writers Conference? Part II: What to Expect – and NOT Expect

In Part I of this article, I advised authors-in-the-making to ask themselves two questions before deciding whether to pony up the price of attending a writers conference. If you have done it, I urge you to before going further. You’ll better digest what I tell you today. Q. 1) – What do you expect/want from […]

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Should You Attend a Writers Conference? Part I

It’s that time of year when many a novelist-in-the-making, whether of P.I. stories or other fare, begins to think about attending a writers conference. Should they? Should YOU? Please note I’m not talking about a fan convention or weekend workshop. When I say “conference” I mean a week-long event where participants attend two or three […]

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Private Eye Dialog: Making It Better

At 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15, I’ll give a short talk called “Mime and Dialog” at Bouchercon  in Long Beach, CA.  The session will be in Harbor A of the Convention Center, with plenty of time for questions. Don’t worry, I won’t show up with my face painted white.  The gist of the presentation is how […]

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