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Book #2 in the Murder Mutts series

As Pretty Does

When does loyalty become accessory to murder?

The five Sinclair sisters lead a fairytale existence in the modeling school their mother founded in Cheyenne, Wyoming – until her murder in the summer of 1955 prompts them to hire private investigator Heebs Kelly and his little dog Chaucer.

The police have written Eleanor Sinclair’s death off as self inflicted based on the quantity of tranquilizers and diet pills she’d swallowed. Her daughters swear she never took drugs to curb her appetite, but the coroner says those are the very pills which killed her. Increasingly irritated by a private detective nosing in, the police insist they saw no evidence that anyone else played a part in Eleanor’s death. Heebs soon believes they missed things.

Then a second death, the brutal strangulation of a high school girl, occurs. In her purse is a roll of money and half a dozen yellow pills like the ones which killed the older woman. Reluctantly Heebs begins to identify strands of a web that leads directly to the Sinclair School.

Along the way he’ll have to deal with an attempt on his life, a woman who bites him, a private club known for its depravity, and a former shoplifter turned street performer who wants to better himself (and complicate Heebs’ investigation) by attending the Sinclair School. Heebs will also have to navigate the very different personalities of five beautiful sisters, some hiding secrets and one possibly a murderer who’s more than willing to strike again.